Mother Blessing Events

Personally Customized Mother Blessings to Fit Your Needs 

Yoga/Meditation, Ritual to Honor the Mom to Be, Henna, Massage & Much More!

In our modern day culture, as a woman is about to welcome a baby and become a mother, we hold "baby showers" which although offer a time to gather with loved ones, often mostly focus on gifts (for baby) and well, the baby.   In traditional cultures, the step from maiden to mother is a "rite of passage"- a huge leap into a new phase of life.   For this reason, many native cultures have offered a special honoring of that mother on all levels- emotional, physical, spiritually.  Often Mother Blessings gather a woman's core group of trusted friends and family where she can ask, share and open up to feeling held in her fears, joys and the unknown of birth, motherhood and all that lays beyond.   

Design the Mother Blessing that best fits your needs:   Yoga and/or Meditation Class, Ritual Circle for Offering Words of Wisdom to Mother, Foot Washing & Massage, Henna, Song and so much more.   Snacks/Drinks are welcome in the space.